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How do I care for my RV roof?

At least once a year you should inspect the roof of your RV. Climb on top of the unit and do an inspection. Look for dried, cracked or missing sealant around vents and joints. Look for tears or rips or other damage. Finally, take a broom and sweep off any built up dirt.

How can I stay clean when dumping tanks?

Buy a container of waterless hand sanitizer, reusable rubber gloves and store them with your tank dumping supplies. TIP: Dump your black tank first, then your grey which helps https://www.cialispascherfr24.com/acheter-cialis-pas-cher-en-ligne/ flush out the Black water. After you are done dumping, use the sanitizer before getting back in your rig. This will prevent germs from being transferred to door handles and sink faucets while you clean up.

How can I secure things in my RV?

Use Velcro(r), bungees, non skid rubber mats also work well.

How do I keep my RV batteries from running down?

If you will not be using your RV for any length of time, disconnect the battery with your battery disconect ( if you don’t have one we can install one for you). Your RV has many systems that draw a small amount of current all the time. Things like your propane leak detector, tank monitors or digital clocks will draw enough current to drain you house batteries if you are not pluged in. TIP: Remove and store your batteries during winter temps if not in use.

How do I extend the life of my RV refrigerator?

In order for your refrigerator to work correctly it must be level. Set a bubble level inside the refrigerator and level the rig to that bubble. If you constantly run the fridge with it off-level, damage can result. The unit will be ok while you drive because of the constant swaying of your RV.

What kind of checmicals should I use in my waste tanks?

When adding chemicals to your waste tanks, be careful not to use any product that has formaldehyde. In order for your tanks to work properly they need to have bacteria in them to help dissolve the waste. Formaldehyde kills these beneficial bacteria. It is also detrimental to the septic systems that you dump your tanks into. If a park septic tank is contaminated with too much formaldehyde due to campers dumping their tanks the park owners may be forced to have the tank pumped and cleaned; a very expensive operation.

How do I keep my RV water lines from freezing?

To prevent damage to your RV water system from freezing weather, completely drain the system and winterize. We offer complete winterization service with a guarante!

How do I clean the fresh water system in my RV?

To clean out the fresh water system follow these steps:

  1. Fill the water tanks 1/2 full.
  2. Add a solution of 1/4 cup bleach (TIP: substitute bleach with baking soda for those that don’t want to use bleach) and 1 gallon water for every 15 gallons tank capacity
  3. Open all the faucets until the all air has been removed from the system and the solution has filled the water system.
  4. Let the unit sit for 3-5 hours (TIP:driving the rig around helps scrub the tanks).
  5. Drain the water system and refill with fresh water.
  6. Run the fresh water through all faucets and drain the system again.

Leave the system empty and drain to prevent the build-up of microorganisms. This will also prevent pipes bursting if the weather freezes.

How do I care for my RV awning?

When setting up the awning on your RV make sure to keep one end lower than the other. This will let any water that accumulates run off. Even if it is not raining, you can still get water build up from morning dew or condensation drip from your roof AC.

More Awning Set-up

Don’t leave your awning out when you leave the RV unattended. It doesn’t take much wind for the fabric to be torn to shreds. Even if the day is calm, it is a good idea to roll it up when you go away, just to be safe.

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